Northern Namibia & Caprivi Strip Luxury Safari

Luxury extends far beyond accommodation—it encompasses meticulous service, handpicked activities, and exclusive access to unbeaten tracks. This unparalleled option offers an immersive journey that transcends the confines of exceptional lodging, aiming to bring you closer to nature, wildlife, and cultural treasures. Renowned as one of our top-selling adventures, it caters to adventurous spirits seeking the pinnacle of accommodations. Our suggested itinerary includes stays at prestigious locations such as The Weinberg Hotel in Windhoek, Onguma Camp Kala for two nights, Hakusembe River Lodge, Divava Okavango Lodge & Spa, Namushasha River Villa, AM Ludgerus Boutique Hotel in Okavango, and Otjiwa Mountain Lodge. While accommodation may be subject to change, rest assured it will meet the same high standards. Embark on a 10-day safari brimming with diverse activities, including a Windhoek Cultural Tour, Afternoon Etosha Game Drive, Private Full-Day Game Drive, guided Sunset Boat Cruises, immersive Bushman Experiences, Spa sessions, Village Tours, Bwabwata National Park Excursions, Boat Cruises, Game Walks, Rhino Tracking, and an array of nature drives. Our routes cover distances ranging from 250 to 550 kilometers per day, promising exhilarating explorations and the chance to relish the best of Northern Namibia and the captivating Caprivi Strip. Get ready to embrace an unmatched blend of luxury and adventure as you embark on this extraordinary journey with us.

Tour Details

Start: Windhoek
End: Windhoek
Tour Duration: 10 (days)
min guest: 6
Avaiable from: 2024-01-24
Avaiable To: 2026-12-31
Amount: N$ 195200

Tour Information

Day 1 - The Weinberg Hotel, Windhoek

Today, we extend our warmest welcome upon your arrival at Windhoek International Airport. Our journey commences with a comfortable drive from the airport to our overnight haven, The Weinberg Estate. This distinguished location boasts renowned restaurant and bar areas, offering a delightful setting for your stay. A meticulously planned itinerary includes a Windhoek City and Township Tour, followed by a communal dinner. Our intention is to afford you ample relaxation following your lengthy flight, ensuring a restful evening in preparation for the adventures of the coming days.

Day 2 | 3 - Onguma Camp Kala

We'll embark from Windhoek promptly at 07:30 AM, aiming for the distinguished Onguma Private Game Reserve. Upon arrival, our priority will be your check-in, ensuring a seamless transition to your accommodation before meeting your designated guide. Over the next two days, the lodge's knowledgeable guide will meticulously organize and communicate your itinerary, including the schedule for lunches during activities like game drives. The lodge orchestrates a diverse array of activities such as Afternoon Etosha Game Drives, Full-Day Private Game Drives, Onguma Sundowner Drives (inclusive of beverages), Morning Guided Walking Safaris (inclusive of beverages), Mid-Morning Onkolo Hide sessions, and more focused on wildlife encounters. Your stay is fully inclusive, and any special requests are welcome for consideration. If feasible, we'll gladly accommodate them. Relax and relish your time at Onguma Camp Kala, immersed in the wilderness and its abundant experiences.

Day 4 - Hakusembe River Lodge

Our journey today takes us to the picturesque Okavango region, navigating through charming towns en route to Rundu. An en-route lunch ensures we arrive promptly for a Bushman activity at Roy's Camp, providing an enriching hour-long experience. Following the Bushman activity, we proceed to our accommodation in Rundu, the Hakusembe River Lodge by Gondwana Collections. Nestled on the banks of the Okavango River, this midrange lodge offers a variety of activities. Today's chosen highlight is a sunset boat cruise on the Okavango River, providing you with a taste of the region's natural beauty. Dinner at the lodge's restaurant is complemented by local beverages, offered on a complimentary basis, to help you unwind after a day of exploration.

Day 5 - Divava Okavango Lodge & Spa

Continuing our journey, our next destination is the esteemed Divava Okavango Lodge & Spa, a luxury haven awaiting our arrival. Although not a lengthy drive, our goal is to reach the lodge early, affording you ample time to rejuvenate. Upon arrival, a period to refresh, enjoy a leisurely swim in the pool and savor a drink at the bar awaits before indulging in the spa's tranquil ambiance. This thoughtful approach aims to provide you with extended relaxation, allowing you to recharge and prepare for the adventures of the forthcoming days.

Day 6 | 7 - Namushasha River Villa

Today marks the continuation of our journey towards the wetlands, albeit with a slightly later start. Our drive from Divava to Namushasha promises scenic vistas as we traverse the captivating landscapes of Bwabwata National Park along the picturesque Caprivi Strip. Upon arrival, a seamless check-in awaits, preceding an invigorating late-day activity—a captivating game fishing tour on the Zambezi River. After an evening of delightful experiences, a well-deserved dinner and rest await us at the camp, preparing us for the activities planned for the following day. The upcoming schedule includes an AM excursion exploring Bwabwata National Park, followed by a guided afternoon boat cruise, offering a comprehensive exploration of this remarkable location. This marks the conclusion of our journey at this exceptional lodge, leaving us with treasured memories of this stunning setting.

Day 8 - AM Ludgerus Boutique Hotel, Okavango

We'll begin our day with an early rise, indulging in a wholesome breakfast before embarking on a serene Morning Boat Cruise experience along the picturesque Kwando River, offering a captivating view of the sunrise. Following this, we'll set off on a considerable drive through the scenic landscapes of the Caprivi Strip, making brief stops at Divundu for a refreshing stretch and culminating our journey in Rundu. Our accommodation for the night will be the semi-midrange AM Ludgerus Boutique Hotel. This afternoon remains free for your leisure, affording the opportunity to explore Rundu and discover its charms. We're delighted to offer a guided tour of the town and introduce you to its finest dining establishments for a delightful evening meal.

Day 9 - Otjiwa Mountain Lodge

Today's travel plan includes a captivating journey through multiple towns—Rundu, Grootfontein, Kombat, and Otavi—culminating in our arrival at the prestigious Otjiwa Mountain Lodge. This serves as our final stop and sets the stage for our farewell dinner. Your itinerary offers a choice between a thrilling Game Walk or the exciting Rhino Tracking experience, depending on the smoothness of our travel from Rundu to Otjiwa and with the hope of minimal traffic delays. To maximize our opportunities, an early start is recommended, aiming for breakfast in Grootfontein. This strategic approach optimizes our chances of engaging in these activities before our departure the following day.

Day 10 - Windhoek International Airport

For a seamless travel experience, we recommend scheduling an afternoon flight, ideally from 13:30 onwards. This allows for an early departure from Otjiwa Lodge, affording us time to explore the Okahandja craft market before our departure. Following this stop, our journey continues to Windhoek International Airport, where we bid adieu until our next African adventure together.