Botswana's Fly-In Safari Retreat

In the midst of life's bustling pace, there emerges a longing for solace, a fleeting escape to reset and recharge. This curated retreat caters precisely to those moments, offering a serene haven within Botswana's captivating Okavango Delta. Crafted for a brief yet immersive experience, this sanctuary, Wilderness Chitabe Lediba, promises a harmonious fusion of tranquility and adventure. Tucked within the Delta's embrace, this handpicked lodge invites exploration amidst its serene ambiance. Here, indulgence awaits with complimentary local drinks at the bar, excluding premier selections but unlimited in generosity. Delight in exquisite cuisine, partake in soul-reviving activities, and immerse in the surroundings to rediscover inner vitality. Beyond a mere escape, this brief interlude offers a profound opportunity for rejuvenation, equipping you to face life's pursuits anew with restored vigor.

Tour Details

Start: Maun
End: Maun
Tour Duration: 4 (days)
min guest: 2
Avaiable from: 2024-01-24
Avaiable To: 2026-12-31
Amount: N$ 277000

Tour Information

Day 1 | 2 | 3 - Wilderness Chitabe Lediba, Okavango Delta

Upon your arrival at the airport, our team will extend a warm welcome and swiftly arrange your transfer via charter flight to Wilderness Chitabe Lediba in the heart of the Okavango Delta. This exceptional property not only ensures luxurious accommodations but also delivers exemplary service from our dedicated team, a diverse range of engaging activities, delectable cuisine, and an all-encompassing Delta experience. Throughout your stay, you'll benefit from a dedicated guide and private vehicle, facilitating a tailored itinerary including exhilarating activities such as Helicopter Scenic Flights over the Okavango Delta, Game Drives, Tsodilo Hills Excursions, Birding, and a host of other related tours. Your guide will outline the schedule of activities on Day 1, offering a comprehensive overview of the experiences to anticipate. Please note that Scenic Flights are subject to weather conditions. The lodge generously provides complimentary local drinks, allowing you to relish every aspect of this enchanting destination—from the poolside retreat to the accommodations. This safari is ideally suited for couples or groups of friends seeking both leisure and opportunities to engage in discussions, whether business or personal, amidst the stunning backdrop of the Delta.

Day 4 - Maun International Airport

As our stay at Wilderness Chitabe camp draws to a close, we fondly bid adieu en route to Maun International Airport. Following a delightful breakfast, we proceed with our scheduled charter flight. Our farewell marks a temporary parting, until we reunite for your forthcoming African adventure. Until then, safe travels, and we eagerly anticipate our next encounter on another remarkable escapade across the African landscapes.