Okavango Delta Fly-In Luxury Safari

Embark on an exclusive journey through Botswana's premier lodges, a curated tour featuring a trifecta of exceptional destinations: King's Pool, Wilderness Jao, and Vumbura Lodge. Our inaugural stop at King's Pool premier lodge sets the stage for a diverse tapestry of experiences. Indulge in invigorating game drives, tranquil barge excursions, immersive hide immersions, and captivating stargazing sessions amidst a tailor-made selection of activities. This immersive retreat promises a focus on opulence, offering exemplary service from our highly skilled staff, exquisite culinary delights, lavish accommodations, and an array of exhilarating adventures. Continuing our odyssey, Wilderness Jao unfolds its allure, renowned for its dual commitment to Location and Ecosystem preservation alongside Community and Conservation efforts. Take this moment to relish the surroundings and the purposeful immersion within this exceptional sanctuary. Finally, our journey culminates at Vumbura Plains, our handpicked sanctuary designed to ease your mind and elevate your senses. Engage in invigorating game drives, serene Mokoro experiences, captivating boating excursions, and inclusive catch-and-release fishing, tailored to captivate both adults and children. Our sojourn at this remarkable camp is poised to etch enduring memories for our esteemed team, promising an unforgettable chapter in our exploratory narrative.

Tour Details

Start: Kasane
End: Kasane
Tour Duration: 10 (days)
min guest: 2
Avaiable from: 2024-01-24
Avaiable To: 2026-12-31
Amount: N$ 860000

Tour Information

Day 1 | 2 | 3 - King's Pool

Upon our arrival in Kasane, Botswana, we will be warmly welcomed and escorted to the reception area before embarking on a small aircraft journey to Kings Pool, a Wilderness Safaris destination. Upon reaching our destination, a seamless check-in process awaits us, followed by an informative briefing outlining the meticulously curated day-to-day activities led by our dedicated guide for the forthcoming three days. Anticipate an array of engaging experiences including game drives, barge excursions, hide immersions, and captivating stargazing sessions among other tailored activities. During this immersive period, our focus will be on embracing opulence, encompassing exceptional service from our highly skilled staff, exquisite gastronomy, luxurious accommodations, and a plethora of thrilling adventures. Throughout our stay at this esteemed lodge, the serving of local beverages will be a delight for three consecutive days, albeit excluding premier brands, ensuring a truly immersive and culturally rich experience.

Day 4 | 5 | 6 - Wilderness Jao

On our fourth day, we bid farewell to the exceptional experience at Kings Pool Camp, transitioning to our next destination, the carefully selected and esteemed Wilderness Jao. Anticipate a continuation of opulence and comfort, as we embark on this leg of our journey. Following your check-in, our appointed guide will cordially greet us, presenting a comprehensive overview of the planned activities curated specifically for your stay at the camp. Our decision to choose Wilderness Jao is rooted in two primary considerations: 1. Location and Ecosystem: Situated amidst the heart of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Wilderness Jao boasts a remarkable and varied ecosystem, encompassing both water-based and dryland habitats. This camp offers a unique opportunity to delve into a diverse environment renowned for its seasonal flooding, attracting an array of wildlife. 2. Community and Conservation: Wilderness Jao embodies a profound commitment to community engagement and conservation endeavors. Operating in synergy with local communities, the camp actively contributes to sustainable development initiatives and champions conservation projects aimed at preserving the delicate equilibrium of the Okavango Delta's ecosystem while fostering the well-being of the indigenous populace. Envision an itinerary brimming with engaging activities, including game drives, boating expeditions, serene mokoro excursions, the immersive Hunda Island experience, and an array of complementary pursuits tailored to this unique landscape. For an unparalleled perspective, a scenic flight over the Okavango Delta is highly recommended, providing a breathtaking aerial vista that encapsulates the region's captivating beauty.

Day 7 | 8 | 9 - Vumbura Plains Camp

Today marks an exciting juncture as we venture towards the esteemed Vumbura Wilderness Lodge, meticulously chosen for its premier offerings. Our morning commences with a leisurely breakfast, aligning with the schedule for our flight to the Vumbura Plains Camp. Upon arrival, weather permitting, an indulgent swim awaits. During colder seasons, we suggest warm attire coupled with a comforting cup of coffee, setting the tone before we delve into our day's activities. Subsequently, our appointed guide will provide a comprehensive briefing, detailing the meticulously curated activities spanning the upcoming three days. Encompassing engaging pursuits such as invigorating game drives, serene Mokoro experiences, captivating boating excursions, and inclusive catch-and- release fishing activities, tailored to suit both adults and children. Our sojourn at this exceptional camp promises to be an unforgettable chapter, fostering enduring memories for our esteemed team. As part of the immersive experience, a visit to the bar area beckons, offering an opportunity to relish local beverages, further enriching our stay at Vumbura Plains Camp. Embrace this opportunity to create cherished moments amidst the unparalleled splendor of this remarkable setting.

Day 10 - Kasane, End of our Holiday

Aligned with our flight schedule, a morning breakfast will precede our departure from Vumbura Plains Camp. Post breakfast, we shall proceed with our flight from the camp to Kasane. Should our flight be scheduled for a later part of the afternoon, we'll gracefully spend our interim time within the lobby area. As the time approaches for our departure, we will extend our heartfelt farewells, bidding adieu until our paths intertwine once more on your next captivating African escapade. Rest assured, the memories woven during our time together will serve as a steadfast foundation for future adventures in this enchanting continent.