Zambezi Serenity Luxury Safari

Welcome to Zambia's enchanting wilderness. Your expedition begins with a warm reception at the airport, whisking you away to the authentic Old Mondoro Camp for an immersive three-day stay. With just 5 intimate chalets, this camp brings you 'back to the bush,' prioritizing wildlife encounters and disconnecting you from the digital world. Engage in various activities like game drives, walking safaris, and canoe trips. Transitioning to Puku Ridge Camp in South Luangwa National Park for two days, indulge in exquisite local cuisine while enjoying the park's allure. Engage in Game Drives and Nature Walks, ideal for families seeking an immersive safari adventure. Next, Wilderness Luxury Shumba Camp in Kafue National Park awaits, offering invigorating Game Drives, birding, and relaxing moments by the pool for two days. Immerse yourself in the splendor of Wilderness Toka Leya Camp in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park for the following two days. Enjoy River Cruises, Fishing Excursions, Game Drives, and captivating Tours of Victoria Falls. On Day 10, a smaller aircraft will transport you from Victoria Falls International Airport, bidding farewell until our next African Adventure.

Tour Details

Start: Livingstone
End: Victoria Falls
Tour Duration: 10 (days)
min guest: 2
Avaiable from: 2024-01-24
Avaiable To: 2026-12-31
Amount: N$ 650000

Tour Information

Day 1 | 2 | 3 - Old Mondoro Camp

Upon your arrival at the airport, our team will warmly receive you, and you will be seamlessly transferred to Old Mondoro for your overnight accommodation over the next three days. Old Mondoro embodies the effortless and grounded luxury synonymous with Chiawa Safaris. With just 5 intimate chalets, the camp's concept is straightforward — offering guests an authentic and unfiltered Zambian safari experience that reconnects them with nature. Embrace the 'back to the bush' atmosphere that prioritizes wildlife and wilderness encounters, disconnecting you from the internet and fostering connections with nature, yourself, and your loved ones. Immerse yourself in a variety of activities, including game drives, walking safaris, canoe safaris, river safaris, and tiger fishing safaris, to name just a few.

Day 4 | 5 - Puku Ridge, South Luangwa National Park

From Old Mondoro Camp, we'll transition to Puku Ridge Camp nestled in South Luangwa National Park, where the next two days will be spent immersing ourselves in the allure of this stunning location. Savor delectable cuisine crafted by local chefs while relishing the camp's captivating surroundings. Engage in a variety of camp-organized activities, including Game Drives, Nature Drives, and walking safaris, offering enriching experiences amid Zambia's natural splendor. Puku Ridge Camp is an ideal choice, especially for families seeking an immersive safari adventure in this remarkable part of Zambia.

Day 6 | 7 - Wilderness Shumba Camp

Upon bidding farewell to the splendid Puku Ridge, a charter flight will convey us to Wilderness Luxury Shumba Camp, our haven for the ensuing two days amidst Kafue National Park's wonders. Activities abound, from invigorating Game Drives to serene boating, birding, and stargazing sessions. Our dedicated guide will curate a schedule encompassing these experiences. Enjoy the lodge's complimentary local beverages and take advantage of the pristine pool for a refreshing swim during our stay.

Day 8 | 9 - Wilderness Toka Leya Camp

Today, we immerse ourselves in the splendor of Wilderness Toka Leya Camp, nestled within the heart of Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. Over the next two days, an array of enriching activities awaits us, including tranquil River Cruises, invigorating Fishing Excursions, enthralling Game Drives, and captivating Tours of the Victoria Falls. Our guide will curate the best-suited activities to ensure an enriching and delightful experience during our stay.

Day 10 - Victoria Falls International Airport

Depending on our flight schedule, we will transport you via a smaller aircraft to Victoria Falls International Airport. Our staff members will warmly bid farewell until we meet again for another African Adventure.